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About us

Basik Spaces

Basik Spaces seeks the union between simplicity and luxury.

While far from basic, we brings together refined products that challenge the senses of our mind, body and soul.


Basik Spaces wants to inspire the mind to expand, by igniting its senses.  It wants the mind to take action and feel challenged and curios.


We want our body to feel freshness ripple through your body the same way it does when you feel and smell the air, of the forest after an early morning rain.  As it purifies and resets the body.


And the soul, the heart of your spirit, deep down inside fells gratitude for what you are and what you have and what you will become.  Graceful Gratitude.  The richness in your heart.

Basik Spaces wants to bring what inspires you.  So you can feel inspired, refreshed, graceful and thankful.  Through a community of curated and produced products. The clients receives the experience of simplistic luxury, knowing that they have meaning in the world.

We will build a community of followers that believe in the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy it brings to the spirit.

The journey will be one of awakening for all.