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About us

Basik Spaces

Basik is a brand that creates the union of simplicity and luxury.

While far from basic, it brings together refine products that challenges the senses of the mind , body and soul.



Creating and inspiring the mind with the sense that evokes the sensation to expand ones thinking.

Making the mind activate and challenging new thoughts of curiosity.



A sense that ripples through the body like the air in the forest.

Purifying and resetting you inside and permeating out.



The sense that reaches deep in your heart. Creating a feeing of gratitude. Igniting the sensation of the riches that is carried within us with no end or finale.


Basik is to bring together those that are in touch with themselves knowing there are treasures in life to be appreciated and enjoyed . Through a community of curated and produced products. The clients receives the experience of simplistic luxury, knowing that they have meaning in the world.

We will build a community of followers that believe in the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy it brings to the spirit.

The journey will be one of awakening for all.