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  • Bon Perfumeur Bon Parfumeur | 702
  • Bon Perfumeur Bon Parfumeur | 702
  • Bon Perfumeur Bon Parfumeur | 702
  • Bon Perfumeur Bon Parfumeur | 702
  • Bon Perfumeur Bon Parfumeur | 702

Bon Parfumeur | 702

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Eau de parfum 702 with incense, lavender and cashmere wood

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Eau de parfum 702 : An ultra fresh incense


The top notes unleash notes of incense, elemi, lemon and pink pepper, forming a half-spicy, half-green blend that issues floral hints and a touch of French lavender. The olfactory journey draws to a close with cashmere wood, vanilla, balsam of Peru and white musk. Fresh yet warm, traditional yet rock ‘n’ roll, understated yet full of personality, 702 is a fragrance of contradictions that will appeal to the curious at heart.


PS : Bon Parfumeur chose a magnificent quality of Lavender from the South of France, produced by IFF-LMR. This supreme olfactory quality makes all the difference.


What is a fougère ? 

The fougère accord made its grand entrance into perfumery in 1882. With his fragrance Fougère Royale for the house of Houbigant, Paul Parquet revolutionized the perfumery of old and laid the foundations for the field as we know it today.


Fougère Royale was more than a perfume; it was an olfactory accord that has since become one of the most popular in men’s fragrances. Composed of aromatic lavender, geranium and coumarin and woody notes like oakmoss and vetiver, it established an all-new family of fragrances.


Fresh, deep and slightly retro, the typical fougère accord smells like a traditional barbershop or a herbalist’s boutique. It unleashes somewhat potent, almost virile notes and gives an impression of cleanliness similar to the aroma of an aftershave


What is incense ?


Incense is actually a resin, collected by cutting into the trunk of Boswellia sacra (a tree that grows in the hot soils of Africa and on the Arabian Peninsula). It is also known as “oliban”. Incense has a strong and unique odor that recalls camphoric, waxy, mineral, spicy and even peppery aromas. Deep and tinged with spirituality, we love the mystical and enigmatic facet that it lends to fragrances.


What about lavender ?


Lavender has been used since antiquity, when the Romans scented their baths and household linen with it. In the Renaissance, the tanneries of Grasse used it for scenting leather. It has been grown in the Mediterranean since the 19th century and is now a symbol of the South of France, where it is always cultivated at altitudes of over 1000 m !

It releases floral, herbaceous, camphoric and medicinal notes. Its ultrafresh scent is sometimes compared to bergamot for its almost zesty floral top notes.


Mix & Match : 

Combine two fragrances (or three for the most daring) to create your own unique scented trail. Different dosages (one, two, three sprays) will give a unique result.

› 702 x 801 - This is a deep but delicate blend that definitely evokes distant and exotic destinations. To tide you over until summer...


How to use it :

Spray onto pulse points like the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and the crook of the elbow to make your fragrance last longer.


Top notes are smelled during the first minutes :
› Incense : camphory, waxy, spicy and peppery
› Elemi : lemon, peppery, resinous
› Pink berry: peppery, fruity mango, fresh
› Lemon: zesty, sour
Middle note last for several hours :
› Lavender: aromatic, floral, fresh
› Cashmere wood: warm woody, amber
› Cedar: dry woody like a pencil
Base notes can last for days :
› Peru Balsam : vanilla, honeyed
› Vanilla : addictive, round
› White Musk : soft, comforting, cottony

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