Nomad Mongolian Sheepskin

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The Nomad Mongolian Sheepskin in Black is a posh design for your home or office. A natural shape is formed with Tibetan lambskins from a Himalayan origin. Luxurious sheepskin is lightweight with soft and shining curls you'll love to look at. A durable leather underside makes this piece suitable for a rug in any room of your house. This versatile piece is great as a throw blanket for your bed or couch and can create a statement piece when draped over an ordinary chair. In order to keep the lovely curls intact, shake this rug instead of brushing it out.

Product Details: 

Natural Shape

Himalayan origin

Tibetan lambskins are silky soft, light-weight and luxurious

Soft shiny curls give these pelts great visual and tactile appeal

Durable Leather underside

Versatile styling allows for ever changing look – Great as a throw, rug, or center piece in any home

Size: 2'x3'5"


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